Project Michelangelo
"An Angel and a Hero for every child"

Jojo Sayson's proceeds after costs will be donated back to Project Michelangelo Foundation to empower and assist children afflicted with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Jojo
is passionate that teaching a paradigm shift in the minds of children and young adults from helpless to powerful can help them achieve any dream in life they can ever imagine.

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Springboard to Heaven

The Jojo Sayson Adventure
with James Riordan

Introduction by Leo Riingen


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VIDEO: Jojo Sayson Man from Atlantis 2015


“Terrific story!  Everybody has something to learn from Jojo Sayson’s biography.  It’s a roller coaster ride through heartache and joy; despair and hope; challenge and success.  Arriving in the USA as a naive immigrant, Jojo stitched himself into the tapestry that is America…and used gold thread to do so!  He’s a shining example of self-fulfillment in the face of very long odds.  Be inspired!”
— Astronaut Mike Mullane
Author, Riding Rockets, The Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut.

“An inspirational story about an exceptional man, Jojo Sayson has accomplished so much and done so with dignity and humility. Godspeed as you continue to reach for the stars.”
— Astronaut Robert Springer
Colonel, United States Marine Corps (Retired), Motivational Speaker

“When Jojo Sayson was a boy growing up in the Philippines, he was fascinated by Superheroes, especially Superman. Even today as an adult, he likes to put on superhero costumes and visit children’s hospitals to entertain the kids. What is ironic about that is that Jojo himself is a sort of a Superhero – a man who has achieved far more than most of us have or ever will. His success does not come from a magic ring or from supernatural powers he brought from another planet. He has become the remarkably accomplished man that he is today by a combination of dreams, faith, determination, and hard work. This book is his story, and you will be inspired by it. On getting to know Jojo’s history, you will realize your potential can be realized and your dreams can come true – his did, because he made them do so!”
— Ira Fistell
Veteran of thirty-eight years on the air as a Radio and TV personality and author of Ira Fistell’s Mark Twain

“The story of Jojo Sayson is one of the quintessential American dreams.  Not of fame, power or financial wealth. It's a journey of spirit that is inspirational and motivational and shows how anyone can achieve their dreams with dedication.”
— Don Kramer
DC Comics bestselling artist of Wonder Woman and Batman

"A life-changing motivational book"

This Book Will Help You:

Jojo SaysonJojo

RiordanRare is it that any author will have one of his books described as the definitive work on a particular subject, but such a distinction has been bestowed by critics on no less than four books written by James Riordan. The New York Times Bestseller, “Break on Through,” Riordan’s biography of Doors lead singer Jim Morrison, has not only been called “the most objective, thorough and professional Morrison biography” by the Times Book Review, but also named as one of the Ten All Time Best Rock Biographies by Riordan’s “The Platinum Rainbow” was called “One of the best how-to books ever written” by the Los Angeles Daily News and critics described his “The Bishop of Rwanda” as “one of the most important books you’ll ever read.” “The Coming of the Walrus,” Riordan’s novel about the ’60s has been called “the definitive book on the era.” The author of twenty-seven books, James Riordan has won three Tellys,
seven Crystal Communicators and been nominated for a Chicago/Midwest Emmy for Television writing.

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