Motivational speaking



Jojo is unlike anyone I've ever met. His energy is contagious and his passion for living life to its fullest with generosity and kindness are both admirable and enviable. He's a great listener, a great speaker and he will always provide a perspective you never would have thought of on your own!

Katie Lorenz
Miss Illinois 2008
Miss America contender


As a speaker, Jojo Sayson goes far beyond the usual ‘hype you up’ approach that leaves so many of us flat a few days later. He not only motivates you, he gives you a way to apply it to your life. He gives you meat to chew on where most speakers just give you sugar to get you high. Jojo uses science and spirit to help his listeners make important life changes that will benefit them in countless ways. He's not only a lot of fun to listen to but he can make a real difference in your life.

James Riordan
Author of 23 books, including the New York Times Bestseller “Break on Through : The Life & Death of Jim Morrison,” “The Bishop of Rwanda” and “The Coming of the Walrus”


I am one of those who have been privileged to attend one of Jojo Sayson’s Motivational Lectures here in the Philippines, and I must admit I was dumbstruck at the way he presented his concepts. So simple, yet, so true, so logical, so credible. And it wasn’t the first time that I was hearing these concepts. Biblical principles applied to personal situations backed up by scientific proof of his personal experiences. Positively amazing. So powerful that I lost no time in applying them to my life, and made quite a difference in my personal outlook and approach to various situations. I can say I am not just a different person after listening to Jojo; I’d say I am a better person because of what I heard him  say and made me do. Truly, more people should attend his lectures and seminars and the world will be a better place to live in. A must for those who want to be leaders or simply live a better, happier life.

Commodore Errol C. Ramirez
Wing Commander
Manila,  Philippines


Jojo's motivational presentation was an excellent addition to our conference. The attendee feedback was outstanding and many of the participants felt they benefited so much, they requested we bring Jo jo back for a full day. On a personal level, I used much of what Jojo taught immediately. In one short hour he changed my perspective and showed me how to rephrase my thoughts for a more positive outcome. I've also become a better communicator by using what Jojo taught about recognizing communication styles of others and the ways to approach each style differently. I'm looking forward to more inspiration and insight from Jojo when he returns as a keynote speaker at one of our seminars in 2010.

DeLynn Arndt
Founding Member and Managing Director
Diamond Mark Educational Meetings, LLC

Jojo showed complete dedication during his presentation and he created an instant bond with everyone in the room. His presentation gave me the tools to control my own moods and he even backed it up with scientific evidence to prove it. He was absolutely riveting and kept everyone on the edge of their seats! In the past I have had the unique opportunity to work with Jojo on many community projects and all I can say is that he truly is everyone’s motivation!
Toni Hassett
Mrs. Kankakee County 2010
Unforgettable Ceremonies
Bourbonnais, IL, USA


I have had the opportunity to attend two of Jojo Sayson’s motivational seminars. Not only did I learn how to feel confident, seek internal guidance and learn scientifically proven tools to lead a less stressful life, I felt invigorated. Jojo has a wonderful gift in talking to his audience. He has unbelievable energy and though there were many people in the room, at times I thought he was talking to me. Jojo is a true inspiration to anyone wanting to enjoy and fulfill their lives with more energy, fun and purpose.

Vicki Valentine
Valcore Business Solutions
40 E. Joliet Street, Suite A
Schererville, IN 46375

dela Rama

Jojo Sayson is simply amazing! His motivational seminar is so powerful, it moved each and every soul in the auditorium during his lecture at the General Directorate Conference for the Deputy Secretary and 250 National Directors of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). His session is the most effective so far (We've had more than a dozen!) We hope we could have more of his sessions!  Special thanks to Leo Riingen, CEO of INFORMATICS Corp. for bringing him to TESDA.

Patti dela Rama
Executive Director
Republic of the Philippines


Jojo Sayson is an inspiring and eloquent speaker. Add his expertise and experience in the field of neuro-linguistic programming and you get the personal change you need to be successful in dealing and communicating with people. My managers became more positive in facing challenges and are now more motivated in their work. Thanks Jojo!

Leo Riingen
President and CEO
Informatics Computer Institute
Republic of the Philippines


Jojo Sayson is an outstanding and energetic presenter! Jojo Sayson’s Human Factors in Motivation seminar series is an uplifting experience that I carry with me every day since day one. Jojo will provide and teach you the tools necessary to awaken and develop your inner strength and motivation so you can change your life! I always recall specific excerpts and methods from his seminar that I apply in my development as an individual both in my personal life, as well as in my business pursuits. His ability to connect with each person on many levels of thinking is the key to his success in being an inspiration to others. By attending one of Jojo Sayson’s motivational seminars, you will realize who you are, your personal goals, and finally, how to achieve an outstanding life! Thank you Jojo!

Bernadette Vega
B&B Medical Solutions, LLC
Indiana, USA